About Us

Design that moves others is born from matters that move you. There’s no rulebook to follow when developing ideas; no protocol for transforming the abstract to concrete; no formula for bringing design to life, other than passionate manipulation.

It is also about creating a setting that’s as much about comfort as it’s defining a peculiar and communal space. It is creation, with honesty and simplicity, that moves people. Form and function should remain in perpetual balance; what works well should look good.


  • Suzy Nasr’s passion for design started from her love of traveling at a very young age.
After having graduated from Lebanon’s leading design school, ALBA, with a degree in interior design and architecture, Suzy has vowed to be nothing less than a visionary, designer and concept creator; thus her success with Addmind, an established international hospitality group with a portfolio of more than hospitality, lifestyle and nightlife brands within Lebanon and the UAE, most notably WHITE in Dubai & Beirut, Iris in Dubai, Beirut & Yas Island and many more.

Suzy continues to be the driving force behind the creation of many forthcoming ventures within her newly established brand, Suzy Nasr House of Design.